List of Notches

Markus Persson
I work at Legal Mojang. Working on a game called Minecraft. I love indie games! And i am legal.
Markus Bad Person
I am Markus Bad Person.... Don't mess with me.
Markusa Persson
Markus Norris
I am the Most EPIC of all notches. (Except Epic Notch). I am.... Chuck Norris Notch... My in game username is AllenJ137. :D
Redstone Notch
Persson Markus
i cr8td mine craft and will nevr use words with ovr 5 letrs
Genius Persson
I freaking made Minecraft! 1,000,000 copies sold, and we're working on more. Everbody loves me. I'm not going to lie... i'm the greatest person alive.
Markuss PersFUUUUU
Im the really pissed off meme version of notch. Im working on a game called FUUUUUUUUCraft. when a creeper blows up your house FUUUUUUUUUUUU
Markuss's planet
Every notch lives in PlanetNotch. All of the notches have a home, and all of the notches have someone who will give you all the news!
Markus NomNoms
Nom Nom Nom, Anything you Say is a lie.
Markus Ace Peceeson
I made Windowscraft!
The Answering Notch
I will try to answer some of the thousands of repeated questions that notch receive through @'s to take off some of his burden.
Markus Cookieson
Im one of the MANY faces of notch! :D
Markus Potterson
I'm pretty good at creating amazing games. I'm also good at Quidditch.
Belgium Notch ✔
The Scottish Notch
I work at Mohaggis. Working on a game called Minekilt. I love indie fried mars bars!
Markus Persson
I supervise the experiment known as Minecraft conducted at Mojang Science Enrichment Center. I have cake.
Nossrep Sukram
!Semag eidni evol .Tfarcenim dellad dellac emag a no gnikrow .Gnajom ta krow I
Markus Persson
I work at Mojang. Working on a game called Minecraft. I need a hat.

MARKUS the forth
Hail ye the Emperor 
Markus Nyan Persson

Markus Paintersson
I work at Mopaint. Working on a game called Artcraft. I love art!

Agent Double-O Notch
Agent Double-O Notch. Licence to make indie games.
I work at Mojang and make Minecraft. Implementing NPC's like innYogscast :3

Pixel Persson
Making minecraft even more blocky every day.

Markus Punchin
I work Mojang, though I normally stay in the boxing ring at the office. I'm the one who adds all the violent things in minecraft... your welcome.

Milkway persson
Dad, i'm in space!

Sukram Nossrep
I am the ruler of the sub category of epicness called Minecraft, and I have dominion over all Epic Minecraft things- which is to say, all of Minecraft.
Jeta Fitzgerald

Dwarf Notch
A small man with a big heart

Markus Hexsson
49 66 20 79 6F 75 20 77 61 6E 74 20 74 6F 20 6B 6E 6F 77 20 73 6F 6D 65 74 68 69 6E 67 20 27 62 6F 75 74 20 6D 65 2C 20 63 68 65 63 6B 20 6F 75 74 20 6D 79 20 6

Binary Notch
01001001001000000110110101100001011001000110010100100000 01001101011010010110111001100101011000110111001001100001 011001100111010000101110

Markus(fail) Persson
created a game called minecraft oh crap i just sold it on accident

I am Rasta_Notch, Muhahaha!

I dont know

Marxus Persson
I am communist notch, leader of the glorious proletariat revolution to come. Prepare yourselves comrades, the bourgeoisie Mojang have lasted too long...

M_rk_s P_rss_n
_ w_rk _t M_j_ng. W_rk_ng _n _ g_m_ c_ll_d M_n_cr_ft. _ l_v_ _nd__ g_m_s!

Marcus Daimond
I will make a minecraft server at 50 followers

Maga Evil Notch
Arkusmay Erssonpay
Josh conit

Marcus Persson

Lithuanian Notch

Markus Perception

Im Trentonscott in game. i acctually play drums, and i work at mojang-rock-and-roll. let me count you in, 1-2-1,2,3,4
Leonard McPersoy

Markus Persson
I cut myself sometimes.
Markus ???????
At some point in time, I work at Mojang. In part of the space-time continuum, I work on a game called Minecraft. I love indie games!
Hmmm Not entirely sure.

Italian Notch
Finalmente un Notch per l'Italia

Young Markus Persson

I'm Eco-Notch MANNN!!!! I'm here to save the environment!!!!!!

Actual Quite Casual
I am quite a notchy Notch

Marksy Perrsy
Morpheus Persson
I am more terrible than the Herobrine!

Marcus Ore Pearson
I'm a miner during work AND play. Giving Minecraft the realworld updates it needs

markuss pErssons
i am notch brother and i am not am stuped. my tongue stick up and my hat falls down. and i shavee and my face hurtz

Jess Adams
I am Jess_notch, I am a developer at Jessjang, where I work on JessCraft. JESS!

Harry Potter

Markuuus Pherrrson
I am constantly high. I love being high the world is a better place when high. Now can I go take me LSD?

Marks Perss

Tobuscus Notch

King micheal

Cervantes Notch
¡Hola soy Notch y trabajo trabajo en Mojang, desarrollando Minecraft!

Markus' brain

Markawesome Persson
Even though is super awesomesauce, I am consistently awesome. :) I love playing Minecraft...and creating it, of course! Haha.

Baby Notch

Markus manly Persson
Hello gamers.
Stephen Jayko
Blind_Notch Blind_Notch
Kdf dflkfj fd sdsi jotc h. sdf i an efdfkdf llksdf fsdf jaba sdf do rjw dflglgfi4 ov Minjdecrafr\,
pantless notch
pantless_notch pantless notch
i where developing a game called minecraft when a thief stole my pants so im out looking for them.
Marsus Planetson
Space_Notch Marsus Planetson
James T. Notch
Captain_Notch James T. Notch
I am....the commanding officer....of the....U.S.S. NOTCH!!
Drugged Notch
Drugged_Notch Drugged Notch
british_notch british_notch
Professor Persson
Professor_Notch Professor Persson
Jesus Persson
Satan_Notch Jesus Persson
I̯̺̯̖͚̺̭̊͜ ̧̪̯̖̻͓ͨ̌̈́͂̐̿͘͡m͕͍̲͕̞̖̳̒̃ạ͖͓̼͕̗̈̀̍͂̍̓̔͝ḵ͉͇ͯͭͫ͢͝e̸̶͉̥͎͖͓̜̞͚̫̽̋ͤ̐̓́ ̸̦͎̱̭͖̝̆͗ͭ̏ͪ̃͛͗̈́͠ͅm̹̹̣͆̿̽͐͌ͥͩ͂ͭi͕͔̤ͪ͌̔̇ͯͭͥ͘n̛̙̬̲ͨ́ͩ͢e͓̣ͥ̿̃̚c̼͇̯̱̠͈̫̱͆̾̏̏͝͞rͣͪ̽ͩ̿̾̔
christian hitchcock
Neon_Notch christian hitchcock
Nossrep Sucram
Parallel_Notch Nossrep Sucram
Hey, I didn't make a game called Tfarcenim! I hate beards and fedoras. Tfarcenim is currently in Ateb 6.1! Feel paid not to contact me!
How bored is Notch?
Bored_Notch How bored is Notch?
I work for Mojang and I help develop Minecraft everyday when I'm BORED.
Perkus Marsson
Real_Notch Perkus Marsson
Markus Unknown
Anonymous_Notch Markus Unknown
Disco_Notch DiscoNotch
awesome notch
MarkussPerrson awesome notch
im awesome and play minecraft
Penguin Notch
Penguin_Notch Penguin Notch
A.K.A Matthew Roberts
Narkus Exsson
Norway_Notch Narkus Exsson
Hi there everybody. My name is Narkus Exsson. I don't develop games yet maybe i will.
Hipster Notch
Hipster_Notch Hipster Notch
Mmaarr Ccuuss
Heavenly_Notch Mmaarr Ccuuss
M@rku$ P3r$$0n
1337_N07ch M@rku$ P3r$$0n
1 w0rk @t M0j@ng w0rk1ng 0n @ g@m3 c@113d M1n3c@f7 1 luv 1nd1e g@m35!!1!!1
Markus Personn
Troll_Notch Markus Personn
I'm @notch. Of course, you won't believe me. That's how I'm getting away with trolling and saying what I really think about you all. Problem?
Dutch Persson
Dutch_Notch Dutch Persson
Im the Dutch Notch from The Netherlands!
Joseph Kerr
Metal_Notch Joseph Kerr
I am Metal_Notch, I work at Mojallica™ Developing the most Metal game in the world Metalcraft™
Markus Garvey ☑
Author_Notch Markus Garvey ☑
I am a famous writer, publisher, journalist, game developer(not to mention gamer), entrepreneur and orator. Random fact: @CronosDage is NOT black!
Cursed Persson
Cursed_Notch Cursed Persson
I have a curse that makes me type random letters after everything I type. sdgfdfg
Dark Notch
Dark_Notch Dark Notch
Be apart of our community, where we destroy and build things in minecraft. Also tips and tricks plus news all here.
Markusei Perssonov
Russian_Notch Markusei Perssonov
Markus forbløffende
Danish_Notch Markus forbløffende
hej, jeg er dansk. or Hi, I am danish :D
markus Persson slime
Slime_Notch markus Persson slime
Dark Lavason
Obsidian_Notch Dark Lavason
Obsidian is what I am made of, darkness is my beauty. I SHALL MAKE THE #notcharmy MINE!
Hopefully_Notch Markus_Hope
I Promise a Minecraft bug fixing every day
Markus Freezeon
Frost_Notch Markus Freezeon
Im Freezing my Ass of Making Something For You
Hipster Notch
HipsterNotch Hipster Notch
Marcus Pearson
Stoner_notch Marcus Pearson
I made this game about mining and crafting, but I can't remember what's it's called. I'll have to get back to you on that one.
Frustrat_Notch Frustrat_Notch
Nature Notch
nature_notch Nature Notch
Grown from a sapling to protect all of nature, Nature Notch decided instead to build a video game to recreate it, since protecting nature is futile now.
Marky Parsy
Cute_Notch Marky Parsy
Mark Bloody Pearson
Aussie_Notch Mark Bloody Pearson
Makin a bloody game based on lego and digging holes and green walking willies.
Aqua Perssona
Water_notch Aqua Perssona
I am the water notch
jiberish_notch jiberish_notch
Markuss Parsec
Astronaut_Notch Markuss Parsec
I explore the universe!
Way too excited
Excited_Notch Way too excited
I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED!!! if you couldn't tell......
emo_notch emo_notch
yeah,i have knives to cut myself
David Campbell
Soldier_Notch David Campbell
Notch's Army
NotchArmy Notch's Army
Markus Persson
BrazilianNotch2 Markus Persson
I am a notch i am a notch he is a notch we are a notch i made a game i made a game he made a game ... but he is not a notch * :D
Past Notch
PastNotch Past Notch
Markus Pearsson of 1999, tweeting through a time vacuum. I'm twenty and learning to code Java and C#
Markus Coy Persson
Subtle_Notch Markus Coy Persson
just another Notch in the arrow
Hawaiian_Notch Hawaiian_Notch
Hola amigo. Screw developing, imma go surf! ¿Quieres ir a surfear? ---Google translate FTW #permanentlyonvacationNotch
Spock Persson
Vulcan_Notch Spock Persson
I am Spock Persson, I work at Mojang AB. I made much of Minecraft.
Qween_Notch Qween_Notch
Wolf_Notch Wolf_Notch
I work in a forest. Killing sheep. I love sheep! (dead)
Larkus Lersson
Lazy_Notch Larkus Lersson
huy tyytf s dr h rfhsdujj Oh, sorry, fell asleep on my keyboard again. Anyway, I make a game called Minehu yj ghjxd fgvdxf cgv vyht t Darnit. Did it again.
M4RKU5 P3R550N
Robot_Notch M4RKU5 P3R550N
murkap pressoon
busy_notch murkap pressoon
Manfred Petrus
Nederland_Notch Manfred Petrus
I'm Dutch_Notch. I come from the Nederland. I speak Dutch and eat Gouda cheese.
Markus PersSsSon
Creeper_Notch Markus PersSsSon
Ratty_Notch Komodo108
Check out @komodo108!
Marcus Persson
Lava_Notch Marcus Persson
My beard is made of lava, even my eyes
Techno_Notch 01001101011000010111
Маркус Перссон
SRussian_Notch Маркус Перссон
I noticed twitter does not write with russian accent so do that yourself please.
Secret Notch
Ninja_Notch_ Secret Notch
Now you see me developing, Now you dont. *POOOOF* Steam : EPICxJAY --- I play TF2 And terraria, feel free to add
Markus Jobs
Mac_Notch Markus Jobs
I am the creator of minentosh
Not-Markus Persson
Lying_Notch Not-Markus Persson
i didn't make minecraft
NossSuk RepRam
Good_Notch NossSuk RepRam
The Notch that put eggs in chickens. Currently hiding identity for fear of Evil Notch.
Marek Ossoba
Polish_Notch Marek Ossoba
Overlord Persson
Future_Notch Overlord Persson
Im from the future, are you?
Hatless Notch
Hatless_Notch Hatless Notch
He I'm Notch. Vermin has lived under my hat. Hat off plzz..
Cat Notch
Cat_Notch Cat Notch
Make a game? I'd rather lie in the sun :3
Wizard Notch
Wizard_Notch Wizard Notch
I am Wizard Notch, high and mighty!
Myung Phirun
Asian_Notch Myung Phirun
I am Asian Notch! You better watch out or I will karate chop you! My favourite food is Chop Suey!
Nossrep Sukram
Zombie_Notch Nossrep Sukram
I Am The True Creator Of Minecraft. The Zombie Lord. And Creeper too.
Ol' Man Persson
Old_Notch Ol' Man Persson
Get off my lawn! Damn creepers.
Markusi Persson
Holy_Notch Markusi Persson
Nossrep Sukram
Hcton Nossrep Sukram
I krow ta .gnajoM gnikroW no a emag dellac .tfarceniM I evol eidni !semag
Jewish Notch
Jewish_Notch Jewish Notch
Markus Persson
Ginger_Notch Markus Persson
The Faces of Notch
TheFacesofNotch The Faces of Notch
all of @notch 's peronalities in one feed!, and for the forum
Marcie Persson
Female_Notch Marcie Persson
Markush Perssonish
Arabish_Notch Markush Perssonish
Moar bombs in minecraft?
Markus Persson
notch Markus Persson
I work at Mojang. Working on a game called Minecraft. I love indie games!
The Begining
TheHiddenNotchs The Begining
I am Your Father I Take No Sides I Eat Puppies I love Kittens
Marcos Persson
Brazilian_Notch Marcos Persson
I'm working on the brazilian portuguese translation for Minecraft.
Marco Persson
Mexican_Notch Marco Persson
Trabajo en Mojang. Trabajando en un juego llamado Minecraft. Me encantan los juegos indie!
Ooh whats this! Ooh whats that?
Persson Markus
Gay_Notch Persson Markus
Marsson Perkus
Sexy_Notch Marsson Perkus
I work at SexyMojang. Working on a game called SexyMinecraft. I love Sexy games!
Markwho Confusson
confused_Notch Markwho Confusson
What is Mojang? I think I created Craftymine or Mineycraft or maybe it was Lego. I get Confused easily...
CupCake_Notch CupCake_Notch
I am cupcake notch. Im the sweetest Bitch you will ever Meet. ♥♥~~**--^^8%%23
Vintage Notch
Vintage_Notch Vintage Notch
Do you remember the old days in minecraft?
Capt'n Persson
PirateNotch Capt'n Persson
The pirate speaks,This be me twitter
D. Markus Persson IV
King_Notch D. Markus Persson IV
Back in the time when i was King.
Mackan Person
Swedish_Notch Mackan Person
Jag är den svenska Notch. Jag är svensk.
Norwegian notch i like to go ski ! Minecraft alpha !
English_Notch English_Notch
There's nothing I love more than playing Minecraft and eating chips.
Sukram Nossrep
Neutral_Notch Sukram Nossrep
Let them hate me, so long as they fear me! -Caligula
Saint Markus Persson
Saint_Notch Saint Markus Persson
I am a saint....Saint Notch...