About Us

facesofnotch is supposed to represent the different personalities or "faces" of notch. this sight brings all the twitter feeds for the faces together. the site was created to have one single feed but also provide a list of the notches and skins for them. we have evolved to have a server and forums. we are ever expanding and if you want to create your own notch just make a twitter for it (_Notch) and follow @TheFacesofNotch.

Contact us: admin@facesofnotch.com
For an AWESOME guide on how to create a "fake" personality of Notch check out http://noobproguide.wordpress.com/2011/06/13/how-to-make-a-fake-notch/


1.  While it's fun to act as your persona, you must still remain mature while doing it.  Being under 18 is no excuse.

2.  No starting or participating in any sort of fight,  if you are going to do that, do it on a personal twitter and do not carry it over to your notch Twitter

3.  No using your personality to try to get free stuff for you and/or your friends.  Asking people to donate to something like the red cross is okay, asking for a free game is not.

4. Respect other users,  They are human too, if you don't like something they are doing, your notch account is not to be used to deal with it.

5.  If you are doing a giveaway, don't change your mind partway though and don't change the rules partway though either.

6. Act like a personality of notch, don't just create a notch twitter to get followers.


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